Beachwood Beach, 1920s & 2013

A look at how the beachfront has changed in 80 years. Top photo courtesy Beachwood Borough and scanned by the Copy Center on Water Street, Toms River. Top photo credit: Rell Clements. Lower photo credit: Erik Weber (c) 2013. Taken July 16th, 2013.

Beachwood Beach 1920s and 2013 - 1000px WM

One thought on “Beachwood Beach, 1920s & 2013

  1. In the top picture from the 20s, my mother and her two sisters in the group of three women towards the center of the picture and are in the water. I have looked at this picture many times at the Borough Hall. There names were Ann Jane Kennedy, Marie Kennedy and Lilly Kennedy.
    My wife and I now own the house on Capstan Ave and still go down each summer.
    Robert (Bob) Bell

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